Odoo implimentation

As a certified Odoo Partner, we are here to help you find the best solution for your ERM.  In addition to helping  you to migrate from a legacy system, or upgrade to a recent version, we can also make customized changes to the Odoo platform to fit your needs.

custom code

Some businesses need a process solution that is not available through “off-the-shelf” software products.  Our team has been developing business-specific software solutions for over 15 years.  Our team will work with you to design, develop and deploy your software.  We also work with clients on previous proprietary software to enhance with new versions and features.

software audit

One of the services we offer is a software or coding audit.  We can identify gaps, errors in code, help with documentation, or security risks.  This can be performed on existing software, or software in the process of development.  Get an objective audit and have transparency into your software investment.

tech support

We work with our client to make sure the software works as it was intended to work.  We also partner to help create training content or facilitate on-boarding sessions.  Also, software is never “done” but ever-changing.  We support our software to be compatible to OS updates, as well as consulting on versioning of custom software.

Software for running your business at top speed

Contact us for a free consultation on how we can help your business run faster, smarter and more efficient, improving your bottom line. If you are looking for an Enterprise Relationship Platform(ERP), download the comparison to review.


python 3

Working on the latest build. Ready for hyperspace!


Easy for your developers to update. If you work in this development group, we can help work with your team to make the most of their Gems.


We never forget about the possibilities of utilizing native code to bring the best performance to mobile devices.


Always keeping in mind the cyber attacks and prevention. Our white-hat group works with your IT department for the best countermeasures.


Experience with working with all aspects of AWS cloud services.


Most of our work is updating old technology to the new and very popular MEAN stack.